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The Winecom is a small family business established in 2008 with its core business focused on the production of Douro wines and olive oil from Trás-os-Montes, always on the horizon to obtain small productions with a great potential for quality. Valle da Fonte Wines and Olive Oil.
Its creation was due to the strong desire of his mentor , who after decades of producing excellent grapes that were later sold to large companies and existing estates in the Douro Valley, decided embrace the challenge of producing great wines in his new phase of life. The wines and olive oils of today are the fruit of his mentor, who devoted 40 years of his life to perfect what today the new generation, their sons, Marco and Mario Lamas is pleased to continue and improve.
For that we have in the heart of the Douro 10 ha of distinct and separated vineyards in Ervedosa and Valença do Douro and with distinct and separate parcels by type, and in the heart of Tras-os-Montes, Mirandela 4 ha of Olive Tree.
The company cultivates the finest traditional Portuguese varieties particularly suited to the ecological conditions of the site, and is proud to have preserved more than 3 hectares of old vines, with more than 70 years of age and over 10 varieties, some of which considered a rarity.
Our vineyards grown under integrated pest management, produce a high quality raw material that is due to climate, soil, but also income from reduced production and minimal (very limited) use of phytosanitary products

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