Monte São Sebastião grande reserva tinto 2014

Douro - DOC

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Bottle - 750 ml.
Bottle - 750 ml.

Our estate, or quinta, is located in the Douro Demarcated Region, specifically in the Cimo Corgo Sub-region, wich extends from the junction of the Corgo river and the Temilobos stream to Cachão da Valeira.  
All the wines have appellation DOC Douro, are produced with estate grown grapes and all of them are native varieties of the Douro Valley, namely Códega do Larinho [WV], Rabigato [WV], Touriga Franca [RV], Touriga Nacional [RV], Tinta Barroca [RV] and Tinta Roriz [RV]. The white varieties are grown in granitic or transition soils and the land is located at an average altitude of 500 meters in order to preserve the natural freshness, while the red grapes are grown at lower altitudes. All varieties are grown on vertical shoot positioning trellis and there `s no irrigation.  
[WV] – white variety  [RV] – red variety


The wine program started in 2006, when we produced the first wines of the estate. 4.000 bottles of white still wine and also 4.000 bottles of red still wine. Despite the wines had character, something was missing. So, in order to overcame this situation, we started in 2007, a “forget what you know” study, with the help of the winemaker Pedro Guedes, to understand the tiny differences between the expression of different varieties, terroirs and practices. The study still going on to present day, and shall continue. All of our wines have DOC Douro Appellation and the general view of our project makes us very proud of our work. Our wines range from sparkling wine to red still wine grand reserve.

Red wine
  • Touriga Franca N
  • Touriga Nacional N
Douro - DOC
  • Schist
The wine aged for a period of 15 months in new oak French barrels. Also aged in bottle for a period of 12 months.
Vinification occurred from the third week to the end of September. Maturation was checked during August and September. The freshly-picked grapes are immediately processed, thereby inhibiting high phenolic extraction. The grapes are picked by hand and arrive in the wine making area in 20Kg plastic trays. Vinification occurred in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 25ºC to 28ºC in order to extact fruit primary aromas and round sweet tannins. Malolactic Fermentation occurred in new French oak barrel in November 2010.
Fruit primary aromas.
Round sweet tannins.
Cheese, grilled red meat and meatloaf.
Deep ruby
Residual sugar

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